Open House – CBA Culture and Arts Center

Join us for an Open House at the recently renovated Rock Center and see the new life that is filling this neighborhood treasure. The celebration will feature performances by several local Chinese performers, the CBA Culture and Arts Center, and a special presentation from the students of our 2017 Culture Camp.

We’ll be highlighting some of the different performers you’ll see at the Open House, starting with CBA Culture and Arts Center.

CBA Culture and Arts Center is dedicated to the development of traditional Chinese arts in the spirit of exchange and dialogue with other cultures. The Center is one of the strongest and most comprehensive Chinese folk cultural organizations in the United States, with an impressive portfolio of major appearances all over the U.S. While the Center seeks to preserve “Chinese folk flavor”, they continue to develop fresh ideas and techniques as artists encounter other traditions in the eclectic art scenes of the West.

See them in person at the Rock Center Open House  on Saturday, July 22nd at 3:30pm!