Open House Recap

SYRACUSE, NY – Saturday’s Open House and Camp Closing Ceremony was a huge success! Thank you to all who performed and made this event possible.

The Closing Ceremony saw a wide range groups of perform in celebration of the Open House. Our campers from the 2017 Chinese Culture Camp were joined on stage by members of the CBA Culture and Arts Center, dancers from within the CNYCCC community, and our Dance and Yo-Yo instructors from the Culture Camp.

Our campers showed their skills from this year’s camp in several different art forms: bo lang gu, Chinese Yo-Yo (or Che Ling), a traditional red handkerchief dance, flag dancing, and a fan dance. Their instructors, Peggy Hsieh and Chin-Ting Chen, demonstrated their prowess in their respective field with an elegant sleeve ribbon dance and high-flying Che Ling tricks respectively.

Coming up from New York City, four different members of the CBA Culture and Arts Center added to the festivities. Opening with the daring skills of Yu-Ling Fang, guests were told the story of the Monkey King from Journey to the West through a riveting sword dance. Magician Ping-Qi Wang brought humor and awe to the afternoon with his illusions. We were privileged to have the talented Mr. Paul Tsao beautifully perform on two different Chinese instruments, the Hulusi and Erhu. The spectacle of Szechuan Face Changing closed our ceremony, as Hui Guo shocked the audience with his rapid face changing.

Amazing performers from right here in Syracuse also brought talent and grace to this Open House. The Syracuse Chinese Dance Group, which is comprised of professors, doctors, engineers, and managers who love dance, brilliantly performed a dance illustrating flowers in the rain. The afternoon also featured the students of Ling Wang’s Dance Classes, and Ms. Ling Wang herself. Demonstrating both traditional Chinese dance styles and ballet, audience members were thrilled to see such local talent on the stage.

Check back throughout the next few weeks as we share more photos and videos from the 2017 Chinese Culture Camp!

(Photo going clockwise: Older Campers from 2017 Chinese Culture Camp, Mr. Yu-Lin Fang, Ms. Peggy Hsieh, Members of the Syracuse Chinese Dance Group)