Rock Center

Our Rock Center location provides easy access for those living in the suburbs, city-dwellers, and Syracuse University students alike. Located at the corner of Cumberland Ave. and Tecumseh Ave., the Rock Center sits symbolically and physically as a bridge between the suburbs and the city, between the community and the campus, between the international and the local. 

Previously known as the Rockefeller Methodist Church, this building has long been a pillar of community organizations within the neighborhood. We honor that history through striving to incorporate the neighborhood in our cultural events and through the name, almost as a keepsake, “Rock Center.”

Facilities within our center include:

  • 200-seat auditorium with a light and sound system and beautiful stained glass windows
  • Gymnasium
  • Dance studio spaces
  • Meeting and gathering rooms
  • Seven fully-equipped classrooms

To view photos of each of our rooms, click on the directory below and select a map icon. For those interested in renting one of our event spaces, rates for each room can be found here. Please send all space rental inquiries to