About Us

The CNY Chinese Culture Center is a 501(c)(3) organization formed by a group of enthusiastic American Chinese citizens for the purpose of providing a bridge for integration and cultural exchange of Chinese heritage and culture within the Central New York community.  We intend to encourage friendly, cultural interaction at the grass roots level to enhance the natural, societal education within Syracuse University neighborhoods.

Over the years, a group of enthusiastic Chinese families in Upstate NY realized that even though more and more Chinese are living, working, and studying in the area, there is very little exposure of the Chinese community within civic circles.  As we observed more, we discovered that this is actually a two-fold concern.  Not only are Chinese missing opportunities to share our culture with our neighborhoods, but our communities are also missing out on what Chinese have to offer.  The greatest challenge seems to be centered around generational boundaries which seem to have long-term ramifications for both the immigrant generations and the generations that follow.

We seek to create opportunities for Chinese to gather and interact.  We hope to build a stronger sense of pride and identity within the Chinese community.  We want to raise a better awareness of what the community that we live in has to offer us.  We also want to raise awareness of Chinese culture within our society and how we can enhance the neighborhoods and communities we live and work in.


To enhance the livelihood of Chinese living in Central New York through:

  • Art, Music, Culture

    Art, Music, Culture

    • Inspire immigrants to cherish and pass on their culture
    • Encourage American-Born Chinese to connect with their heritage
    • Raise awareness of Chinese culture in local community
  • Responsible Citizenship

    Responsible Citizenship

    • Motivate Chinese to be civically engaged
    • Provide opportunities for Chinese to be civically engaged
    • Become a connecting point for the local community and Chinese
  • Health and Well-Being

    Health and Well-Being

    • Promote activities to encourage healthy living for Chinese